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Fordingbridge Infant and Junior Schools Federation

Believe, Strive, Achieve.

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Vision and Values



Our vision at Fordingbridge Infant and Junior Schools Federation is to inspire children and their families to believe that, through determination and hard work, they can achieve their best. Our children will go into the future knowing they can positively contribute to society and believing that their voice can make a difference.



To achieve our vision we will enable our children to develop the skills, confidence and attitude to be the best they can be. We will provide an open and trusting environment where every member of the school community feels safe, happy, included and valued.


Through this our children will be:

· Competent, empowered learners who are resilient, motivated, curious, creative and determined, seizing the opportunities provided by a broad and stimulating curriculum;

· Self-aware and able to empathise and collaborate with others;

· Reflective and focused on continuous improvement, able to achieve greater success by identifying, understanding and actioning the next steps in their learning and development;

· Respectful, honest and accepting of each other regardless of differences;

· Open-minded and keen to learn from others;

· Able to make healthy life choices ensuring they thrive.



In our Federation we value:

Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Effort


We will develop these


Motivation; Independence; Teamwork; Resilience; Creativity; Reflection

so that children can adapt to a changing world.


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